Since it first appeared in 1985, GEODASY has led the way in the use of computer systems in basic geotechnical data management. It has been emulated and copied by many, but remains the foremost choice of discerning specialists. Its simple approach and modular character means that it is both affordable and appropriate for the complete range of geotechnical activities from creating trial pits for a house foundation to manipulating ground data for such projects as the Second Severn Crossing investigation.

Data EntryGEODASY-Web is intended to provide access to a version GEODASY for businesses that wish to create occasional geotechnical exploratory hole logs. Subject to a small annual subscription that provides for the incorporation of Company specific header details, the cost for use of the system is directly proportional to its use by the customer. It provides a fixed cost for the production of a pdf copy of any log and, or an associated AGS file. This allows the cost of a borehole record to be directly charged to an individual job and eliminates the need for an up front expenditure of alternative software.

The entry screens are based on the full version of GEODASY and allows entry of all fieldwork tests provided in GEODASY from Cable Percussion to Trial Pits.

The system uses a small programme that needs to be installed on your PC. This will allow the data for the log to be entered and stored locally. Once the record has been fully entered on your PC and checked, it is uploaded to our server then PDF / AGS files will be created and emailed back to you.

Examples of types of logs that can be produced in GEODASY-Web
Cable Percussion Log Dynamic Probe Log Rotary Core Log Trial Pit Log Window Sample Log

Please email us for a Trial Basis system for 5 days, or the issue of 3 exploratory hole records